Pre-Situational Analysis Consultant for ATLAS Child Labor Project (Argentina)
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Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Scope of Work (SOW)

Pre-Situational Analysis (PSA)

Attaining Lasting Change for Better Enforcement of Labor and Criminal Law to Address Child Labor, Forced Labor and Human Trafficking (ATLAS)

UNIT : Human Rights, Education and Empowerment (HREE)

REPORTS TO : ATLAS Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Officer

LOCATION : Buenos Aires, Argentina

SUBMISSION DEADLINE : November 16, 2020

  • For questions and to submit your application or proposal, please write to : (please see application instructions further below under section I).

  • Winrock International (Winrock) is a non-profit organization that works with people around the world to increase economic opportunity, sustain natural resources, and protect the environment.

    Winrock strengthens the capacity of women, children, youth, and civil society organizations to actively participate in local and national development and to transform their societies.

    Winrock is currently implementing the United States Department of Labor (USDOL)-funded global project Attaining Lasting Change for Better Enforcement of Labor and Criminal Law to Address Child Labor, Forced Labor and Human Trafficking (ATLAS) aimed at working cooperatively with host governments, providing technical assistance to support a global reduction in child labor, forced labor and human trafficking.

    ATLAS started in January 2019 and will be implemented in Thailand, Paraguay, Liberia and Argentina. To implement the ATLAS program in Argentina, Winrock is partnered with Lawyers Without Borders (LWOB), an international non-profit organization founded in 2000, which operates worldwide from its central headquarters in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

    ATLAS will be implemented in each target country with the following Theory of Change, Objective, and Outcomes :

    IF legal framework for child labor (CL), forced labor (FL), and human trafficking (HT) are in place that meet international standards, AND IF relevant enforcement entities have the knowledge, resources and standard procedures to implement the legal framework, AND IF enforcement and social protection entities are able to effectively coordinate within and among each other THEN target governments will have the capacity to address CL, FL and HT.

    Project Objective : To strengthen the capacity of governments to address child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking in Thailand, and Paraguay, Liberia and Argentina

  • Outcome 1 : Strengthened labor and / or criminal legal framework concerning child labor, forced labor, and / or human trafficking
  • Outcome 2 : Improved enforcement of the labor and / or criminal legal framework, specifically related to child labor, forced labor, and / or human trafficking
  • Outcome 3 : Increased coordination among law enforcement and social protection entities to address child labor, forced labor, and / or human trafficking
  • To strengthen enforcement systems and coordination mechanisms, Winrock developed a unique approach known as a differentiated model of practice (DMOP) for achieving project outcomes.

    DMOP is an evidence-based approach designed to tailor Technical Assistance needs to address country-specific priorities of labor and criminal legal framework.

    It consists of the specific approaches and interventions that will be developed and implemented in each country context to strengthen the identification, investigation, referrals, prosecution and sentencing of a CL, FL and HT case in the existing legislation and the enforcement system, and / or to increase coordination between law enforcement and social protection entities.

    These interventions will be supported with the Body of Knowledge (BOK), a research document that ATLAS developed to review global evidence on the effectiveness of programs, initiatives, efforts, and practices to address CL, FL, and HT.

    The findings will be shared with in-country stakeholders to identify possible solutions for the challenges identified in each of the country-specific PSAs that ATLAS will conduct.

    PSA and BOK are two important elements of ATLAS project design that will inform country project planning. Gaps and recommendation identified and proposed in the PSA will enable ATLAS and stakeholders in country to prioritize and allocate resources to develop DMOPs and activities that scaled to the life of ATLAS.

    II. Pre- Situational Analysis Scope :

    A. Objective : Winrock is seeking a consultant, consultancy firm, organization, or a research institution to develop and implement a pre-situational assessment for the ATLAS project in Argentina.

    The PSA Objective is to provide information that will support design of interventions to strengthen the capacity of the government entities combating CL, FL and HT in Garment Sector.

    The PSA in Argentina will provide information that informs activity design for ATLAS Outcome 2 and Outcome 3, including a contextual analysis, an enforcement analysis and a coordination analysis.

    LWOB shall conduct a mini legislative assessment that will be included in the contextual analysis eventually. The Consultant, consultancy firm, or research organization is responsible for the contextual analysis, enforcement analysis and coordination analysis as defined in the scope of analysis below.

    B. Scope of Analysis

    Contextual Analysis : Provide an overview of the existing processes in Argentina to criminalize offenders and compensate victims of CL, FL and HT.

    Describe the government capacity, structure, resources, plans and programs to address CL, FL and HT. Mapping of stakeholders (government and non-government) that are engaged in the labor and criminal system and process at national and provincial levels.

    Identify government and other non-government programs that addresses CL, FL and HT, including victim’s assistance and social protection services.

    Stakeholders shall be those actors engaged in each of the steps of a case management process : identification, investigation, referral, prosecution and sentencing.

  • Some examples of topics to be covered include, but are not limited to : overview of National Action Plans and other similar mechanisms;
  • details about the labor monitoring system, such as CL and / or HT Monitoring Systems; enforcement of workplace monitoring;
  • referral mechanisms for victims of CL, FL and HT; prevalence areas of CL and FL, existence of government institutionalized research, awareness raising campaigns and training programs on CL, FL, HT.

    Information produced under the contextual analysis should be relevant to the project outcome and objectives and shall be used to assist the project in identifying opportunities and recommended possible activities for programmatic intervention and engagement with the relevant government agencies.

    LWOB, in coordination but independent of the consultant, will conduct a mini legislative assessment that will be eventually integrated as part of the contextual analysis and PSA report.

    The legislative assessment will focus on comparing the country’s legal framework with international standards and identify any gaps and propose recommendations.

    Enforcement Analysis : will identify the challenges that Argentina law enforcement stakeholders face to enforce the legal and criminal legal frameworks in Garment Sector.

    It will map the law enforcement stakeholders (such as government entities, labor inspectors, criminal investigators, police, judges, etc.

    their role and authority to make decisions in enforcing the law, and their relationship in the case management process of identification, investigation, referral, prosecution and sentencing.

    The enforcement analysis should visualize the case management process and stakeholder’s addressing CL, FL and HT cases at national and provincial level.

    Also, the enforcement analysis focus on the challenges that law enforcement agents face during the case management process and what recommendation would they make to improve the system, as well as challenges that a victim of a CL, FL and HT experience by moving forward a case.

    The analysis should identify gaps and provide recommendations for the government to better address the CL, FL and HT issues in the country’s enforcement system.

    Coordination Analysis : will identify and map government and non-government entities engaged in addressing issues of CL, FL and HT in Garment Sector in Argentina at National and sub-national level.

    The coordination analysis should highlight the relationship and roles of law enforcement and social protection entities and how the law enforcement and social protection entities works together to identify, investigate, refer, prosecute and sentence a CL, FL, HT case.

    Existence or absence of coordination mechanism, challenges and opportunities of coordination among law enforcement and social protection entities in addressing issues of CL, FL and HT in Garment Sector.

    The coordination analysis should draw recommendations on how best government stakeholders can fill coordination gaps to increase effectiveness between law enforcement agents and social protection entities to address CL, FL and HT.

    The consultant; will perform the following activities to successfully complete the Contextual Analysis and Enforcement Analysis of the PSA in Argentina below.

    All deliverables must be submitted in English.

    a. Contextual Analysist, Enforcement Analysis and Coordination Analysis :

  • i. Develop a detailed work plan including the methodology and timeline to implement the PSA;
  • ii. Develop data gathering tools and analysis instruments and an outline for reporting of the gaps, recommendation and results;
  • iii. Identify relevant stakeholders, schedule and meet with them as appropriate to fulfill PSA needs such as planning, coordinating for interviews or focus group discussions.

    iv. Review, analyze data, synthesize and produce draft report.

  • v. Attend meetings with LWOB and Winrock to incorporate the legislative assessment into the PSA;
  • vi. Attend weekly meetings with Winrock to report on progress;
  • vii. Facilitate a validation workshop with stakeholders (ideally those participated in interviews / focus groups) to confirm findings and reliability of the information gathers, analyzed and reported.

    viii. Submit a final PSA report in line with the approved outline for reporting.

    ix. Finalize the PSA report by addressing modifications suggested by Winrock.

    b. Mini Legislative Assessment :

  • i. The Mini legislative assessment will be conducted by LWOB in Argentina. Consultant is NOT required to perform a legislative assessment;
  • however, the consultant requires to meet and coordinate with the LWOB to incorporate the legislative assessment in the final PSA report.

    WI will facilitate the coordination meetings between the Consultant and the LOWB.

    B. Consultant Profile

    Winrock is seeking qualified individuals and / or firm who meet the qualifications stated below. The Consultant must fulfill at least the following criteria :

  • Be an Argentine national
  • Demonstrated fluency to read, write and speak in English;
  • Master’s Degree (Doctorate or PhD preferred) in social sciences, international development studies, law, or related field;
  • Extensive knowledge and work experience of labor and criminal legal frameworks, enforcement systems and social protection services on child labor, forced labor and human trafficking preferably within the context of Argentina;
  • Experience in design and management of similar research studies;
  • Knowledge and experience in qualitative data collection, data management and data analysis;
  • Experience in gathering, consolidating and analyzing data, and writing reports with recommendations;
  • Ability to analyze and present data clearly and objectively;
  • Exceptional communication and facilitation skills;
  • Demonstrate ability to manage the available time to meet the PSA deadline.
  • If a team of researchers, under the supervision of a principal researcher, is being proposed, please include specific roles and responsibilities for each member of the team.

    Specify how the team meets and compliments the skillsets required above.

    I. Application information :

    Interested firms / universities should send an electronic technical and cost proposal in separate files, the technical proposal shall describe the consultant / firm’s relevant experience and capacity to undertake the study.

    For questions and to submit your application or proposal, please write to : . The subject in the email must clearly state : Pre-Situational Analysis of Country Efforts to Combat CL, FL and HT Argentina .

    Closing date of applications : November 16, 2020.

    a. Proposal requirements

    Winrock International will evaluate the proposals received on their technical merit and estimated costs. Each proposal will be evaluated using the following criteria : Institutional Capacity / Institutional Experience (20%), Proposed Team (20%) Technical Proposal (30%), and Cost estimate (30%) analysis of cost estimate against implementation plan.

    Proposals must be submitted electronically, with all pieces of the proposal labeled clearly. The maximum length for the proposal is 15 pages, single spaced.

    All documents related to this assignment should be in English. The technical portion of the proposal should not exceed 10 pages.

    The preferred proposal breakdown is as follows :

  • Cover page 1 page;
  • Individual and / or Organizational profile, including institutional capacity 1 page. The applicant must present in narrative format a description of : (a) company / individual profile (supplemental material could be placed in the annex), (b) the organizational / individual capacity to conduct the scope of work (c) include CVs of proposed experts / team members (placed in annex) (d) the organization’s / individual’s knowledge of child labor, forced labor and human trafficking in the context of Argentina (i.
  • e. previous experience conducting similar assignments), (e) a list of three references with the appropriate contact details.

    b. Technical Proposal :

    a. The Technical Proposal should be 10 pages and not exceed the limit.

    b. The consultant(s) propose complete work plan with the methodology and timeline to complete the PSA report by the deadline (see below).

    The workplan should describe how the study will be conducted.

    c. The methodology should describe sampling framework, approach to stakeholder identification (mapping), qualitative data collection methodology and instruments, draft interview guides / training materials (if applicable), data analysis methods and methods for presentation of results.

    Winrock International will provide feedback on the submitted documents and recommend adjustments once the proposal being accepted.

    d. The consultant should consider the COVID-19 situation in the design of methodologies, sampling and timeline according to national / local government guidelines.

    e. All submitted document must be in English. The PSA consultant(s) should plan to translate the tools, interview guides / training materials into local languages for the use of PSA team and participants.

    The PSA consultant should factor the time needed for translation activities into the proposed workplan and the timeline.

    f. The PSA consultant(s) should develop an implementation timeline outlining key activities of work plan including, time of execution, implementation, data collection, data analysis, translation (if needed), reporting and presentation of results.

    g. The PSA consultant(s) should submit draft data collection instruments, interview guides, data analysis methodology as part of the proposal submission that inform the proposed methodology in the proposal.

    Include the draft data collection instrument as annex to the proposal. The proposed draft data collection instrument will be adjusted during the execution phase of the PSA together with Consultant and WI.

    h. The PSA consultant (s) should submit a one-page report outline that will demonstrate the produced information through the methodology and draft instrument.

    The consultant and WI will agree upon a final report outline once proposal being accepted.

    c. Cost / budget narrative 2 pages. The applicant must present a detailed financial proposal that covers the following items and includes a narrative on the assumptions behind the estimates :

    a. Includes all personnel who will be involved in the study

  • b. Per diem and Travel. Includes daily costs for lodging and meals and incidental expenses during training and during field work;
  • mode of transportation; vehicle rental; gas;
  • c. Includes survey questionnaires, interview guides, final reports;
  • d. Includes any equipment the contractor may need to purchase (though this should be minimal at best if they already have the capacity to do the work);
  • e. Includes telephone, email, computer, mobile phoneetc;
  • f. Includes paper, pens, bags, other materials for field work;
  • g. Training costs;
  • h. Other relevant costs.

    d. Proof of past performance : The consultant should submit proof of conducting similar assignment including publications, reports, highlights in English as an annex to the proposal.

    II. Payment Terms

    10 % upon approval of the final workplan with methodology and timeline

    10% upon completion of the validation workshop

    20% upon submission of first draft of contextual analysis and enforcement assessment analysis report

    20 % upon submission of the first draft of the PSA with the contextual analysis, legislative assessment and enforcement assessment.

    20% upon approval of the final report and submission of the complete report package

    20% upon final approval of the pre-situational analysis.

    Timeline :

  • November 16, 2020 Submission of Proposal by interested parties
  • November 19, 2020 Selection of Consultant / Research Firm / Research Institution
  • November 23, 2020 Signing of the contract
  • January 23, 2021 Submission of final PSA report to Winrock
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